SketchNotes Challenge: Project Planning

I finally decided to buy a new small tablet with the specific purpose of producing digital drawings. To practice and being motived I’ve participated on the September SketchNote Challenge of the SketchNote Hangout Project, coordinated by Makayla Lewis. This challenge was focused on Project Planning which is one of my favourite areas of study.

Sketchnotes, SNChallenge, SNHangout, Project Planning, Project Manager, Rita Caré, Makayla Lewis

I’ve been participating in the SNChallenges for more than 1 year. It usually take about 1h – 1h30 to fill in, but this time it took me about 6-8 hours to finish

Anyway, it has been a great time of practice. I LIKE it! 
Thank you Makayla for your support and enthusiasm!

If you wish to check my previous Sketchnotes follow my hashtag #rabiscarideias here and on social media. At this blog, follow the link Papiro Gráfico.