Sydney Opera House | #VirtualJumpSketch Project returns…

Sydney Opera House, Virtual Jump Sketch, Australia, Rita Caré
Sydney Opera House | #VirtualJumpSketch January 2019

Versão em Português ALI

What is the “Virtual Jump Sketch”?

The VIRTUAL JUMP SKETCH is an international project that promotes VIRTUAL TRIPS to wonderful places through DRAWINGS / SKETCHES. Those places are considered by the founders as impossible to reach in their real lives. These trips may, or may not, be made visible through a drawing/sketch “jump” done by their authors and by sharing their images on their blogs and social networks (we are mainly on Instagram, but also on Facebook and on Twitter) using the tag/hashtag:


Join us! Together and through the drawing, we would give Virtual Jumps to places considered almost impossible to visit during our lives, either for lack of financial support, because of physical inaccessibility or the destination is considered to be far far away, because of political or religious reasons or other.

Virtual Jump Sketch Project, Projecto Salto Virtual, VirtualJumpSketch, Rita Caré
Virtual Jump Sketch Project | Projecto Salto Virtual por Rita Caré desde 2018

How to get start?

. At the beginning of each month, a “Virtual Jump” will be launched. We can create and share at least one drawing (there is no limit).

. In January 2019, we will jump to Sydney Opera House.

. We use Internet tools to search for photos, videos and information about the place to visit online and to be inspired on creating our drawings (e.g., thematic/tourist websites about the place, Unesco (if it’s classified as World Heritage significance), Google Earth, Google Street, Google Arts & Culture, History Channel, National Geographic, Wikipedia, etc..

. We choose our favourite tools/materials to create at least one drawing/sketch (e.g., ballpoint pen and a sheet of paper, markers, crayons, crayons, watercolour, gouache, acrylics, cutouts and glue, stamps, etc.). Important Note: It is neither permitted nor ethical to make direct copies of photos/images of other authors! Adapt and challenge yourself! Be creative!

. To write, or not, about why you decided to do this “Virtual Jump” it’s our decision (e.g., a brief description of the site; the reason to draw it, but “impossible” to visit it; mention curiosities; include one or more links to information, etc.).

. We can share our drawings/sketchings online in our blogs and social networks using the tag/hashtag: #virtualjumpsketch

It is not mandatory to share, but it is much more interesting and useful. This project is not an obligation, but fun!


The Virtual Jump Sketch project is promoted by Portuguese people living in Portugal (Europe) and it was released on 27th February 2018. It was created by Rita Caré when she was unable to do Urban Sketching (to draw on location), an activity that has been part of her daily routine since 2009. To share is also an important part of the Urban Sketcher lives, which she really misses. That’s why a group of Portuguese sketchers jump together in this way, because they love to travel and draw, even if they do it in another kind of drawing, inspired by photos and/or videos of places that fascinate them. And they want others to jump with them too!

Jump with us!!

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